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Here is a chronological archive of completed projects we have done in the past along with important notes and information for future reference.

New Electric Drum Set (April 2022)

People: Sam, Aaron, Connor

We bought and installed a new electric drum set because Connor was playing too loud.

AVB System (Early 2022)

People: Sam, Ben, Kaleb

We ran a new cat6 cable from the soundbooth to the stage. In the soundbooth, this cable was plugged in to the sound board's AVB output, and on the stage, it can be plugged into PreSonus earmix controllers for in-ears systems. We also added a pullstring into the tunnel of cords for future use.

New Sound Board (2021?)

People: Sam, Aaron, Kaleb

We bought and installed a new sound board, the Presonus StudioLive Series III 32S. The previous sound board was in storage and unused as of 4/15/2022.

Replaced Projector Adaptors (2019-2021 Sometime?)

People: Ben, Colin

We replaced that adapters to each projector that adapt hdmi signals to cat6. The visuals PC has two hdmi cables running into two new seperate adapter boxes, and these boxes run cat6 up to each projector where they are there adapted back to hdmi. Also, we installed remote sensors on the monitors of the PC that run remote control signals to each projector.