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Welcome to the livestreaming! Your job is to provide the church service to viewers online while not messing up.


No sound

  • Make sure the master volume and individual faders are turned up on the sound board.
  • Make sure you have transitioned to a scene that includes the sound source. For example, if you are on the end card page, it will not show any audio input.
  • In OBS, go to Settings > Audio > Advanced and Set the monitoring device to "Main Out 1/2 (Studio 24c)" and check "Disable Windows audio ducking."
  • In Windows, click on the audio button on the taskbar and change the output device to "Main Out 1/2 (Studio 24c)."
  • Just unplug the 24c device from the back of the computer and plug it back in. This is known to often work.

How to...

Customize the OBS PTZ Camera Controller

Warning: this is somewhat technical and requires a knowledge of computer programming!

If you need to change or customize the PTZ Camera Controller, you can find the source code at /Documents/Dockable OBS Window Controllers/Broadcast Example.html. If this location changes or something else similar happens, you can connect a new html page to the OBS dock by clicking on Docks > Custom Browser Docks on the top bar of OBS.

Lock or Unlock the Camera Focus

Sometimes the main PTZ camera will keep going out and in to focus, and it may be necessary to lock the focus or manually focus. To do this, go to the "Tools" tab in OBS and click on "PTZOptics Camera Controller." Then, select "Camera1" near the top. From here, you can set the focus using the plus and minus signs, and you can use the "Lock Focus" and "Auto Focus" options to lock or unlock the camera focus.