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Presenting visuals: the job where everybody turns and looks at you when you mess up.

How To...

Add a New Playlist

On the left hand of ProPresenter, there is a list of current playlists. Above that, click the plus sign. Then, click on "New Playlist" and name it. See also Import a Planning Center Service.

Change the Stage Screen Output Layout

The stage screen has two default layouts:

  1. A layout for lyrics that shows the current slide, the words from the next slide, the clock, etc.
  2. A layout that mirrors the front display screen.

If you need to change between these, click on Screens > Stage Screen in ProPresenter and change it to the layout you want.

Display an NDI Source on the Main Screen

You can display NDI outputs through ProPresenter natively when the camera is on the same network. In ProPresenter, click View > Media Bin, and a section will pop up at the bottom. Click on the label "Video Input" on the far bottom left. From here, you can manage NDI sources and outputs on ProPresenter. To hide the media bin, just click View > Media Bin again.

Import a Planning Center Service


The Search Doesn't Show What I'm Looking For

The search feature often doesn't work for some reason. If you know a presentation is in the system but won't show up in a search, click on the "Default" playlist near the top left of the screen. Then, at the bottom left, there is a different search bar you can use that works much better. From the results, you can drag presentations into another playlist.